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Equipment used at Village Recording Studio

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Village Recording Studio in Chicago is quite particular about the equipment we use in our facility. Only the finest equipment will do. Having the gear is one thing. Knowing how to use it to bring out the best in you is another. Here at Village Recording Studio our engineers and producers are experts at using the equipment as well as bringing out the talent within the artists we work with. Here is a list of some of the gear we currently utilize. The list should give you a general idea of what we are about and how we like to work.

SSL 4048e Recording Console with G+ Computer, Total Recall, Atomic Power System
Studer A-820 MCH 24 Channel 2 Inch Tape Machine
Studer Half Track for mix
ProTools HD3 24In / 48 Out

Outboard Equipment:
Neve 1073 Mic Pre (4)
Neve 1083 Mic Pre (4)
Warm Audio Tine Beast (2)
Burl Audio B! Mic Pre (2)
Empirical Labs Distressor (2)
Universal Audio LA2A
Universal Audio 1176 (2)
CBS Labs Audimax
Purple Audio MC77
Tube Tech PE1C (2)
DBX 520 De-Esser
Lexicon 480 With Larc
Lexicon 300
Lexicon PCM-90
Lexicon PCM-42
Eventide H3000S
Eventide H3000SE

Vintage Telefunken U47
Neumann U87 (2)
Neumann TLM-103 (2)
Neumann KM-184 (2)
Sennheiser 421 (3)
AKG D-112
AKG-414 (2)
Royer 121
Shure SM-57 (5)

DW Drum Set
Hughes & Kettner Guitar Amp
Marshall Guitar Amp
Vintage Ampeg SVT
Fender Telecaster
Gibson Les Paul
Fender P-Bass
Assorted Stringed Instruments
Assorted Percussion Instruments

Control Room: Live End Dead End custom room design.

Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss your next recording project by calling 847-264-0695 or simply send us an email.